Leading-edge atraumatic hernia
mesh fixation devices designed to

minimize the risk of mechanical
tissue trauma.

LIQUIFIX™ Atraumatic Mesh Fixation for Both Open and
Minimally Invasive Inguinal and Femoral Hernia Repair.

LIQUIFIX™ atraumatic fixation devices affix mesh and peritoneal tissue with liquid adhesive, designed to eliminate the need for penetrating mechanical tacks, sutures, or staples. LIQUIFIX™ devices deliver a precise and controlled application of adhesive, designed for patient safety and comfort whilst reducing the risk of some post-operative complications.

Key Features & Benefits

Higher shear strength than an advanced tacker

Compatible with the most common used mesh material1

Facilitating the normal process of fibrosis
and integration of mesh

Fast set time ≤10 seconds

Managing overall surgical procedure times

Non tissue penetrating mesh fixation

Allowing placement of fixation points near
sensitive anatomical structures

Design & Control


Non-stick atraumatic applicator tip


Precise and controlled application of 40+ 12.5mg liquid anchors


Pre-assembled device


Strong Mesh Fixation

LIQUIFIX achieved 100% successful mesh fixation at the time of surgery in the US IDE clinical study


LIQUIFIX FIX8™ is designed for minimally invasive hernia surgery and features a 355mm cannula allowing for the precise and controlled application of 40+ liquid anchors. The preassembled device offers users an innovative, atraumatic applicator tip and simple, easy handling.

LIQUIFIX Precision™

LIQUIFIX Precision™ Open is developed for open hernia surgery. Its ergonomic design allows for the precise placement of up to 45 liquid anchors. The innovative, atraumatic tip provides strong and secure mesh fixation at multiple angles.