OviTex PRS

How Does It Compare To Your
Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)?

The Right Support

For Every Stage of Your Repair

Different stages of a repair require different levels of support. In the short-term, OviTex PRS demonstrates rapid integration and functional remodeling leading to a durable repair.1,6* In a pre-clinical full-thickness soft tissue repair model, the healing outcomes of OviTex PRS and AlloDermTM were compared over the course of 24 weeks.1

*Animal test results may not be representative of human clinical performance.

How OviTex PRS

Differs from Human ADMs

The ovine source material of OviTex PRS provides an open and porous construct compared to the thick and dense nature of human ADMs.

An open and porous construct of allows for rapid cellular infiltration and neovascularization.1,2

OviTex PRS

Open & Porous
1000x magnification SEM


The supply of ovine rumen is abundant, sustainable and consistent compared to human ADM where supply is limited by availability of donors making it susceptible to shortages.

OviTex PRS

Abundant Supply

Human ADM

Susceptible to Shortages


The source material of OviTex PRS has a naturally low elastin content whereas human ADM contains a higher amount of elastin that can vary based on donor. 

Ease of Handling

Once hydrated, OviTex PRS is easily sutured whereas human ADM requires more force due to its thick and dense nature.

OviTex PRS

Market-Leading Human ADM


OviTex PRS costs approximately 30% less than the market-leading ADM.8
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